MPF calls for actions to repress illegal mining in Amazonas

The agency determined that federal and state autarchies and institutions act to immediately stop illegal activities; group is on the Madeira River

Reproduction/Twitter @fernandapsolThe MPF’s recommendation cites bodies and groups that should participate and offer support to carry out the actions

O Federal Public Ministry (MPF) issued a recommendation for the emergency adoption of an action to dismantle the groups of illegal mining of gold in the Madeira River and its tributaries in the Amazons. According to the MPF, the action must be integrated between federal and state agencies and autarchies within 30 days. The determination of the MPF encompasses the Brazilian Army, the Superintendence of the Federal Police of Amazonas, the Itacoatiara River Agency, the Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute, among other bodies. According to the MPF, they must act within their spheres to identify and fine the irregular enterprises that are operating in the region, adopting measures to stop the illegal activities immediately. The decision even mentions the destruction of the instruments used in the crimes. Finally, the MPF emphasizes that the extraction of gold in the region is not legal.

“Given the scale of the ‘garimpeiro invasion’, the efficient repression of the activity necessarily requires coordinated efforts from different government agencies, each within its attributions, with a prominent role in the repressive and environmental policing activity of the bodies that make up Sisnama (System Environment National) – Ibama, at the federal level, and Ipaam, at the state level”, says an excerpt of the recommendation. The MPF also says that a number of agencies must provide logistical and operational support for the repressive actions, including the Federal Police, the National Mining Agency, the Navy and the Amazon Military Command.