Official Fanatec steering wheel for Gran Turismo 7 costs 700 euros •

Compatible with PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC.

Fanatec has finally unveiled its Gran Turismo DD Pro steering wheel, the official one for Polyphony Digital’s next game, which promises to revolutionize interaction with racing games.

The DD Pro costs €699.95 and features Fanatec’s Direct Drive technology, which promises much greater accuracy thanks to direct feedback transmission from the axis, with no elements getting in the way to dilute the sensation. The goal is to become the ultimate reference for steering wheels.

The steering wheel also features an LED strip that indicates the speed, while an OLED screen reveals additional information and is equipped with all PlayStation buttons, with a control scheme already designed for Gran Turismo games.

Featured as the first steering wheel and “Direct Drive” system for the PS5, compatible with both PS4 and PC, Fanatec’s DD Pro is also Compatible with Xbox consoles if you already use an alternative steering wheel.

The normal version includes two pedals, but you can opt for Load Cell with three pedals and if the cheaper version costs 699.95 euros, the Premium version with three pedals and other extras for greater precision costs 969.85 euros.