Pfizer accuses former employee of stealing secret Covid-19 vaccine documents | World

US drugmaker Pfizer accused a former employee of stealing secret documents, including some related to the Covid-19 vaccine, from the company’s computers.

A formal complaint was filed on Tuesday (25) in a court in San Diego, California, and claims that Chun Xiao Li had saved more than 12,000 company files in a personal account.

The drugmaker alleges that Chun would have saved the documents shortly before resigning and while preparing to go to work at a rival company.

Pfizer’s Complaint Against Ex-employee in a San Diego, Calif., Courtroom — Photo: Reproduction

The employee would have broken the confidentiality agreement, provided for in the contract, by uploading the digital files to a personal account using a laptop belonging to the company itself.

According to the indictment, Chun had lied and handed over a computer that was not the one he regularly used to the company’s technology team investigating the leak.

A federal judge granted the drugmaker a restraining order against the former employee and ordered Chun not to share or destroy the stolen files.

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine — Photo: Disclosure/Sesapi

The former employee said, in an interview with the American broadcaster NBC, that she downloaded the files “by mistake” and that when she realized the error, she deleted them all.

She also said that there is no – in the downloaded documents – information from health research, as claimed by the pharmacist.

According to the network, Chun confirms that he has accepted a job at competitor Xencor, also based in the United States.

What vaccine is this? Pfizer Biotech

What vaccine is this?  Pfizer Biotech

What vaccine is this? Pfizer Biotech