Piranha related fish attack 30 in Argentina; girl loses finger

At least 30 people were injured after being attacked by pompanos, carnivorous fish similar to piranhas, in the province of Santa Fé, Argentina.

Among the victims is a 13-year-old teenager who had to amputate a toe. The episode was recorded on Monday (22) on the banks of the Paraná River, known for its freshwater beaches.

The amputee adolescent received a graft in the fifth metatarsal, in the region of the little finger, soon after undergoing the first intervention, to remove the part affected by the bites, according to the local newspaper Perfil.

In the midst of a heat wave in Argentina, tourists enjoyed the beaches without paying attention to the presence of carnivorous fish. The low water level, added to the high temperatures, created a favorable scenario for the appearance of the animals, which injured the bathers’ hands and feet.

The occurrence is common at this time of year in the country’s bathing areas, according to Perfil, which also explained that the pompano bears similarities to the piranhas, moving in shoals and preferring places with low water levels to look for food.

In addition to these fish, the region is also suitable for the appearance of stingrays and snakes. According to the Argentine newspaper, considering this scenario, the administration of the Santa Fé region had already asked for visitors “not to enter the water, bearing in mind that this low period will continue for months.”

“Due to the exceptionally low level of the river, the spas at Laguna Setúbal can only be used as solariums. The only places suitable for recreational bathing are the swimming pools in the parks of Sur and Garay,” the statement concluded.