Player suffers a blow and for 15 years he thinks he’s dating Alessandra Ambrosio

An Italian volleyball player spent 15 years believing he was dating Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrósio at a distance. The information is from the newspaper O Globo.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Italian player Roberto Cazzaniga

Credit: ReproductionItalian player falls in coup and spends 15 years thinking he’s dating Alessandra Ambrosio

Roberto Cazzaniga met someone on the internet who introduced himself as Maya, but used photos of Alessandra Ambrósio.

The case came to light after the player’s family asked an Italian TV show to reveal the plot after gathering evidence that the volleyball player had fallen in a coup.

During those 15 years, Roberto Cazzaniga gave 700 thousand euros (R$4.3 million) to the con artist who pretended to be the Brazilian model.

The scammer asked the player for financial help claiming that the money was to pay for the treatment of alleged heart problems.

According to the Italian newspaper “Il Fato Quotidiano”, the volleyball player got into debt while taking out loans in order to send money to his wife.

Also according to the Italian press, a friend of Cazzaniga would have participated in the coup. She would have introduced the player to the swindler. The friend identified on Italian TV only as Valeria, denied involvement in the case and said she was just a friend of ‘Maya’.

After the airing of the report, the Italian player went to the police and filed a complaint against the con artist. The case will be investigated.