Population seeks posts in view of the increase in flu cases in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

Population seeks posts in the face of the increase in cases of flu. In the picture. Cristal Gabetto, Thais Rodrigues, Thiago Rodrigues, Adilson Rangel and Pedro GoncalvesCleber Mendes

Published 11/24/2021 19:15 | Updated 11/24/2021 19:17

Rio – An increase in the number of flu cases has frightened residents of Rio. This Wednesday, hundreds of cariocas sought out the city’s health centers to guarantee the dose of vaccine against the disease, after the call of the Rio City Hall. the Municipal Health Department (SM), there has been a significant increase in cases in recent days, after residents of Rocinha, in the South Zone of Rio, sought the units with headaches, chills, fever and malaise. The symptoms resemble those of covid-19, but are from Influenza A, the flu, a disease caused by the H3N2 virus – which can worsen in children from six months to six years of age, pregnant women and elderly people over 60 years of age.

The 50-year-old teacher Magui Vallim sought out the Heitor Beltrão Municipal Health Center, in Tijuca, after learning of some nearby cases. “I learned about the flu outbreak because of some people around us, because of some acquaintances they had. After that, I saw news of an outbreak in Rocinha and I also received it in the group of teachers that the City Hall was summoning everyone to vaccinate today,” he said.

Asked about the movement at the health center, Magui warned of the high demand. “The clinic is extremely organized, it was not crowded, but there was an atypical movement. There was a greater movement of people seeking the flu vaccine,” said the teacher, who was accompanied by her husband and 14-year-old daughter.

Cristal Gabetto, 24, said that she sought the unit after seeing the call on the networks of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. “I learned about it from my friends, but also from the Instagram of the Municipality of Rio. Several of my friends shared it and we commented that it would be a good thing. Everyone already had the second dose of covid and then we tried to find out about the flu, because it’s good that everyone is well, without getting sick. We were all vaccinated today, it was the whole troupe.”

The Health Surveillance Network was present in dozens of health units to assess the epidemiological scenario and carry out a laboratory investigation. About 300 samples were taken from all over the city of Rio in partnership with laboratories from Lacen RJ and Fiocruz. Only about 3% of the cases tested were positive for covid-19.

Also according to the SMS, the vaccination coverage of the target audience of the flu vaccination campaign was only 55.7% of the population. The Secretariat also states that the protective measures are similar to those of covid-19, such as maintaining social distance, using masks and hand hygiene with 70% alcohol or soap and water.