PSD and Podes saw the balance of the PEC of Precatório

PSD and Podes saw the balance of the PEC of Precatório

Photo: Adriano Machado/Crusoé

In order to obtain at least 49 votes necessary to approve the PEC of Precatório in the Senate, the Planalto Palace tries to convince senators of Podes and PSD benches to support the text establishing a fiscal workaround to fund the Auxílio Brasil program.

The rapporteur of the PEC and leader of the government in the Senate, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE), however, has told allies that it is a mission almost impossible, as the two benches have different interests.

The PSD with 12 senators demanded that the government remove the Fundef’s court orders the spending ceiling to support the PEC. On Monday, Bezerra will have another meeting with the PSD bench in the Senate to try to convince the party to close the issue in favor of the PEC.

The focus of resistance in the PSD is mainly pulled by the president of Covid’s CPI, Omar Aziz (AM). Despite being in favor of Auxílio Brasil, Aziz (photo) has been pressuring the party to ask for more time to comb the seams. presented by the government.

Now the Podemos, with another nine, does not agree with the PSD proposal, as it would represent a new hole in the spending ceiling. Podemos has already closed an issue against the PEC and has said that it will vote in bloc, if the government insists on measures that go beyond the public spending ceiling.

In government accounts, up to 52 senators can vote in favor of the PEC. But they have at least two votes in Podemos and another 8 in PSD.