Psychics nail champion, Globo punished and more: Libertadores final


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The big decision of the Copa Libertadores da América 2021, between Palmeiras and Flamengo, has been stirring up Brazilian football. This Wednesday (24), shows a summary with the latest news of the great continental decision.

Check out the main news from the Libertadores final:

Palm Trees Party

Verdão embarked for Uruguay on Wednesday afternoon. Before, the fans were concentrated at the entrance of the Soccer Academy and had a big party, with the right to fireworks and flags, to say goodbye and support the Alviverde players.

Fla’s boarding

Flamengo left for Uruguay a little earlier, around noon, and arrived at the venue at 1:30 pm at the hotel where they will be staying. The club used a Conmebol bus with the red-black identification with the Libertadores logo.

Marcos Braz comments on decision

“It’s the size of the weight of a Libertadores. When this competition is questioned, it has a whole size, a gear. The football department needs adjustments, regardless of title. It is always necessary to assess whether you could not have done better, made better decisions to be more brilliant. If we win, it will be a very good season, above average. If you lose, you can’t think that everything was a tragedy”, commented Marcos Braz, director of Flamengo, in an interview with GE.

Abel’s doubts

According to journalist Felippe Facincani, Abel Ferreira trained two squads for the Libertadores final. There is a doubt between Gustavo Scarpa and Zé Rafael in the clash. So as not to give Renato Gaúcho tips, coach alviverde will only announce his choice moments before the ball rolls at Estádio Centenário.

seers point champion

The newspaper “O Dia” heard two specialists in the area: the numerologist and astrologer Helenyce Bueno and the tarologist Mística Rodrigues, and both believed that the title is closer to Palmeiras.

Mark’s hunch

Idol of Palmeiras, Marcos used his Instagram account to nail the result of the Libertadores grand final. For the former goalkeeper, champion of the competition in 1999, Alviverde will beat Flamengo 2-1.

Conmebol punishes Globo

Conmebol surprised by prohibiting Grupo Globo from entering the Centenário stadium, in Montevideo, Uruguay, where it will be decided on Libertadores 2021, according to the TV news.

What motivated the punishment was SporTV, which is part of Grupo Globo, having shown, in a ‘pirate’ way, the press conference by coach Abel Ferreira, in the semifinals of Libertadores.

Saturday, at 3:30 pm, there’s Palmeiras x Flamengo on SBT, it’s the grand final of the Libertadores 2021. Watch it on TV or #GrandFinalnoSBT


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