Quina will raffle R$10 million in today’s contest; see how to bet

After accumulating in the last draw, Quina puts at stake today an estimated prize of R$ 10 million in the contest number 5714. The event will be broadcast live on Caixa’s official YouTube channel.

Quina was without winners in the edition held yesterday. The numbers drawn on the occasion were (11-21-25-47-72).

Also in the last draw, the 5713 contest registered 77 bets that completed the court and won BRL 7,519.79 each. Another 7,821 tickets made the suit and pocketed R$70.50 individually.

How can I participate in Quina’s draw?

You need to choose between five and 15 numbers in a universe from 01 to 80. Bets must be placed and registered in the system up to one hour before the draw, that is, accredited lotteries and Caixa’s official website accept games until 19:00 (Brasilia time) today.

How much is the price of a bet on Quina?

Since November 2019, betting on Quina has cost at least R$ 2 (with five numbers), but can reach R$ 6,006 (with 15). If the bet is placed on Caixa’s website, the player must pay attention to the fact that the minimum purchase in a virtual session is R$30. bank, which may include other bets.

How many chances do I have of winning at Quina?

By placing the minimum bet of five numbers (R$2), you have a 24 million chance of winning Quina’s main track prize. If you want to include another ten in the game, the bet goes up to R$12, but the odds also change and become one in four million.

What is Quina’s sweepstakes?

It is a form of group betting. Sold at accredited lottery outlets, bolões start at R$10, but there is a minimum fee of R$3 per participant. Caixa allows from two to 50 shares in this Quina pool.

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