Rafael Ilha says he knows the real reason for Gugu’s death: ‘There’s something else’

Ex-Thumb also said that everyone knew that the presenter was bisexual and that his relationship with Thiago Salvático was not a secret for the family

Reproduction/Record/16.09.2021Rafael Ilha said that Gugu would not go up to the attic to fix the air conditioning

Rafael Ilha, a former member of the Polegar group, once again said that he does not believe that Gugu Liberato died after suffering a domestic accident. The presenter died in November 2019, aged 60, and, according to reports at the time, he fell from the attic of his home in the United States while trying to repair the air conditioning. “Gugu didn’t even change the microphone battery, he didn’t know [fazer isso], the more you mess with an air conditioning system. I do not believe [na história] the way he died, there’s something else. It could have been a fatality, regardless of the situation, but to say that the guy went up [no sótão] it was not. It was a passionate situation in there [da casa] that only Rose [Miriam de Di Matteo] and his son [João Augusto] they know what it was”, commented the artist on the YouTube channel “Na Real”.

The winner of “The Farm 10” also said that Rose Miriam, who tries to prove in court that she had a stable relationship with Gugu to have her share of the inheritance, may at some point unleash what she supposedly hides. “Most people in the art world know, I was one of the first guys to know what really happened. I know some punctual people in his family [Gugu]. Eventually the bill arrives.” For the former Thumb, the mother of the presenter’s children deserves to receive part of the inheritance estimated at R$ 1 billion. Rafael also said that the relationship that Gugu had with the chef de cuisine Thiago Salvático it wasn’t a secret to anyone. “Everyone knows, his family knew, his wife knew. When he was alive, everyone already knew he was bisexual,” he said.