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Clube do Remo is classified for the semifinals of the Copa Verde and will face Paysandu. The Azulinos had no problem, on this Wednesday (24th) night, to beat Manaus on the scoreboard 3-0 and guaranteed a place in the next phase of the regional competition. Neto Pessoa, twice, and Erick Flores ensured the victory of Filho da Glória e do Triunfo, who are still looking for the unprecedented title.

See how Lance a Lance was:

Against Gavião do Norte, Eduardo Baptista put almost all of the starters, wanting to give more rapport and rhythm to his athletes, aiming at the decision against Confiança, next Sunday (28), for the last and decisive round of the Serie B of the Brazilian Nationals, which will define whether the Lion remains or falls. In addition, positive point for Felipe Gedoz who stood out with assistance and submissions, leaving the field applauded by the fans when he was replaced by Erick Flores.

Felipe Gedoz played a good game and helped the team out with the classification
Felipe Gedoz played a good game and helped the team out with the classification | (Photo: Samara Miranda/Remo)

Remo and Paysandu face each other on Wednesday, December 1st, in the first game of the semifinals, at the Estádio Leônidas Sodré de Castro, at Curuzu, in Belém, from 20h. The match for the return will take place at Estádio Antônio Baena, Baenão, on the 4th, Saturday, at 17:00, Brasília time. Nova Mutum and Vila Nova make the other semi and the Alagoas have already won the first game by 3-0.

First time:

The Azulinos started the match trying to impose the rhythm of the game, trying to show who was in charge of Baenão. Eduardo Baptista’s team dominated possession, but couldn’t get close to Gavião do Norte’s goal. The game was developing and the Leão was already able to approach the goal of Gleibson due to the domain. Manaus, on the other hand, tried to surprise with counterattacks pulled by Jack Chan and set pieces.

Visitors were easy prey, and the hosts didn’t even play so well. The Amazon team could not take any danger and defended poorly. The remistas took the opportunity to open the scoring in the 33rd minute with Neto Pessoa, who took advantage of Gedoz’s cross. Nine minutes later, the azulino center forward increased the score, after crossing and seeing the ball pass by everyone, landing at the bottom of the string.

Second time

The game returned in the same panorama as in the first half. With the rowing around and trying to get closer to the opponent’s goal. However, Manaus was the one who was in danger. At 7 minutes, Márcio Passos kicked from outside the area and scared Vinícius. Ball passed near the goalkeeper’s left post. After that, Felipe Gedoz scared Gleibson twice.

Remo continued to dominate the game, Eduardo Baptista made changes to oxygenate and give rhythm to other players. Rafinha, who had replaced Matheus Oliveira, felt a muscle injury and will probably not be available against Confiança. Erick Flores, who also came during the game, scored again and declared the victory by 3-0.

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