Rico provokes Day by taking to Brazil to eliminate her

It’s open war! Rico Melquiades began to shout loud and clear in the headquarters room, at dawn today, for the audience of “The Farm 13” (RecordTV) to take Dayane Mello out of the game for claiming that the pedestrians took away their joy in confinement.

Canine snake is in the field, guys. Let’s remove the canine snake that its energy is weighing on it and on everyone”shouted Rico Melquiades, as he walked around Dayane Mello between the living room and the kitchen.

The model was visibly embarrassed by the pawn’s attitude of declaring in front of her that he wishes her farewell to the game.

Let’s enjoy this moment, guys!

Rico Melquiades, however, continued walking close to the piece and shouting that he should leave because he was weighing the environment. He even compared the model with singer Karol Conká – who left the “BBB 21” (Rede Globo) with a high rate of rejection.

Her energy is weighing on her and everyone else. Let’s get Karol Conká off the farm.

As Dayane watched him, chuckling, the comedian never stopped teasing her.

Canine snake. Canine, canine, canine snake.

“No, I won’t give you a stage, Rico,” Dayane Mello snapped. “Dog, canine, canine snake!” Rico quipped. “I’m not going to give you a stage, Rico,” reinforced the girl. “You don’t need to give me a stage,” nudged the comedian.

Rico Melquiades didn’t call the worker to say he wasn’t bothered and continued poking her with screams for Brazil to take her out of “A Fazenda 2021”.

Guys, let’s get the canine snake out. Brazil needs peace, people. She herself said that they spoiled her energy, but she herself spoiled it with the energy that this girl’s energy is heavy.

Apologies to Karol Conká

During the provocation, Rico Melquiades was instructed by Gui Araujo not to mention the name of a participant in competing reality shows, he was worried about the negative repercussions and apologized to the rapper:

Karol Conká, sorry, it’s an offense for you to compare you to that girl. No, for God’s sake, it’s too heavy for her. Karol Conká, sorry to compare you to her! […] It’s hard to compare Karol Conká with her because she’s very heavy, she’s worse. Rich Melquiades.

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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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