Tourist is attacked at theme park after thinking real crocodile was plastic copy and approaching for selfie

a tourist is over wholesale at a theme park in Cagayan de Oro (Philippines) after settling in. approaching a real crocodile believing it was a plastic copy that only served as a full-size ornament.

68-year-old Nehemias Chipada was attacked by the 3 meter long predator after entering an enclosure to make a selfie with the “sculpture”. His family watched the moment the crocodile dragged the tourist into a pool, told the “Daily Mail”. The incident took place on November 10th.

Nehemiah was celebrating your birthday with family members.

Screaming for help, the Filipino managed to get rid of the crocodile on his own, being assisted on the spot by an emergency team until the arrival of paramedics. A sheet was wrapped around the injured arm to stop the bleeding.

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The attack was so aggressive that a 7cm tooth of the reptile was embedded in the tourist’s flesh.

Nehemias Chipada after being attacked by crocodile in Philippine park
Nehemias Chipada after being attacked by a crocodile in a Philippine park Photo: Reproduction

The left arm of the tourist in Amaya View Park was seriously injured, having some fractures. He also suffered an injury to his right hand and right thigh. Nehemiah went through several surgeries after being taken to a hospital in Mindanao. The tourist’s family criticized the direction of the park for not warn that there was a real crocodile in the place.

The park management agreed to pay the medical costs, but denied negligence.