Um Lugar ao Sol takes the masturbation scene to the air; author comments intention

Andra Beltro’s character masturbating in Um Lugar ao Sol (photo: Reproduo/TV Globo)

The chapter aired this Wednesday (11/24) of

a place in the sun

aired an emblematic scene: Rebeca, character of

Andra Beltro

, after refusing an onslaught from her husband, played by Daniel Dantas, was caught by him masturbating under the blankets.

In the scene, the couple ends up arguing badly.

Lcia Manzo

, author of the plot, explained the purpose of the scene in an interview with


. “My intention when writing the scene was to take something normal and healthy from the closet. That the woman can explore, get to know her own body,” said the playwright.

For Lcia, debating the subject is fundamental and something should always be faced naturally, as feeling pleasure is common to everyone: “I wrote the scene because women also feel pleasure and desire. Because sexuality is part of women’s lives, and not only men’s “.

in the plot of

a place in the sun

, Rebeca is trapped in a toxic marriage with Tulio. Brought in by her husband, she refuses to see that the marriage is broke. On his part, he lacks affection, care and attention. “The sex doesn’t start with the sex. It starts in the morning, the way you treat me,” Rebeca said to her husband, after being caught satisfying herself.

“Sounds up to two something terrible. And the path to Rebeca’s release, as it is for other women, is literally in her own hands – and in her own body,” said Lcia.