Valdemar Costa Neto promises Bolsonaro to break agreements with Doria and ACM Neto

BRASÍLIA — At the meeting that sealed the commitment for Jair Bolsonaro’s entry into the PL, the party’s president, Valdemar Costa Neto, broke the Centrão’s first commandment — never to break an agreement — and gave Bolsonaro the word that he would let two down. allies: João Doria in São Paulo and ACM Neto in Bahia.

The meeting took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Planalto Palace. Then the PL announced that the affiliation ceremony will take place on the 30th. Bolsonaro asked that the event be discreet, without exuberance.

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For Doria, Valdemar had promised to support the campaign of Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB), his deputy governor who is expected to run for state government. In the Legislative Assembly, the PL is an ally of the toucans. In exchange for his membership, Bolsonaro asked his new party not to make any gestures in support of the PSDB candidate in 2022.

It is not yet defined whether the minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio de Freitas, will be Bolsonaro’s candidate. But Valdemar explicitly said that he will be with Bolsonaro’s project in São Paulo.

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In Bahia, the PL was already closed with ACM Neto, a candidate for government. The former mayor and vice president of União Brasil met with Valdemar a few months ago and sealed the deal. Neto’s main competitor is Jaques Wagner (PT). In conversation with Bolsonaro, however, the chief of the Centrão promised to support João Roma, Minister of Citizenship, for the government.

An ally of ACM Neto defines the situation: Valdemar spoke with two people in different ways, which now became “a question of the size of who made the request”. Bolsonaro’s insistence on João Roma’s candidacy is seen as a way of putting pressure on Neto to support the president, which close allies guarantee will not happen.

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In addition to saying that Bolsonaro is “radioactive”, Neto had already articulated for União Brasil to declare support for the reelection of Cláudio Castro in Rio de Janeiro as a gesture towards Valdemar. He threatens to break this alliance and prohibit União Brasil candidates from supporting Bolsonaro if he interferes with his project for the government.

The Republicans, the party that João Roma is now in, is still not sure whether it will launch its candidacy. Internal polls show that the minister has 1% of the voting intentions and rises to 5% with Bolsonaro. The acronym contemplates an eventual alliance with Neto, which would make it impossible to launch Rome even for another position, as a senator.

When João Roma entered the Bolsonaro government, he broke with ACM Neto, whose chief of staff he was. Neto already foresaw that having a Pocket Narist ally would wear him down in the election. Now, Rome has been talking to Valdemar Costa Neto and does not rule out eventually joining the PL.

Onyx and Marine in PL

There are other ministers in the Bolsonaro government who are considering joining the PL. Rogério Marinho, from Regional Development, should join the party to run for Senate in Rio Grande do Norte. Onyx Lorenzoni wants to join the PL to run for the government of Rio Grande do Sul.

In recent weeks, the possibility of the PL to form local alliances with left-wing parties delayed negotiations to affiliate Bolsonaro. According to party members, there are conflicts in Piauí, Ceará, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Pará and Roraima. Valdemar works to reconcile interests, however, and avoid defections in the party.

Bolsonaro’s interlocutors say the president is aware that he will not have unrestricted support and will have to swallow the “betrayals” in the states. His intention is to avoid explicit support, as would happen with Rodrigo Garcia in SP, but he must turn a blind eye to isolated situations.