What are the rules for receiving unemployment insurance? Check it out here

The calculation of the value of the unemployment insurance installments will be made according to the average of the last three months of wages received.

the program of unemployment insurance it is a benefit that the worker, with a formal contract, is entitled. This aid is paid for a fixed period, which can be from three to five installments. The period for receiving the benefit is established by the time worked at the company, with Caixa Econômica Federal being the payment agent for unemployment insurance.

The resources for the payment of the benefit are funded by the Worker’s Support Fund. All in accordance with Law No. 7,998/1990. But not all workers will be entitled to the benefit.

Requirement to be entitled to unemployment insurance

To be entitled to unemployment insurance benefit, you must meet the requirements established by law:

  • The formal worker, or domestic worker, who was dismissed without just cause, including indirect dismissal, is entitled;
  • Professional fishermen will have the right during the closed season;
  • The worker who was rescued from a condition considered similar to that of enslaved has the right;
  • A formal employee whose contract was suspended as a result of participating in a professional qualification course or program offered by the employer is entitled.

How to order

THE Warranty The right to receive unemployment insurance will be granted to the worker, provided that he/she meets the conditions established to apply for the temporary assistance benefit. This request can be made:

  • At the Regional Superintendencies of Labor and Employment, but first it is necessary to schedule the service through the central 158;
  • In the National Employment System (SINE) indirect dismissal;
  • At the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor;
  • In posts that are accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare;
  • Through the Gov.br Portal;
  • Downloading the Digital Workbook application. Available in Android or iOS versions.

The worker must apply for unemployment insurance following the set deadlines, which are as follows:

  • Formal worker case (you can request from the 7th to the 120th day, counting from the date you were dismissed);
  • In the case of domestic workers (you can request from the 7th to the 90th day, counting from the date of dismissal);
  • Qualification scholarship (during the suspension of the employment contract);
  • In the case of the rescued worker (you can ask for up to the 90th day, counting from the rescue date);
  • In the case of artisanal fishers (only during the closed season, which corresponds to up to 120 days from the beginning of the ban).

The calculation of the value of the unemployment insurance installments will be made according to the average of the last three months of wages received by the worker before being dismissed. But there are exceptions, they are workers who will only receive the value of a minimum wage:

  • Artisanal fishermen;
  • Rescued workers;
  • Domestic servants.

How to withdraw unemployment insurance?

Benefits that will be paid in installments will automatically fall to the worker’s account.

This information will be given when filling out the application at a financial institution, be it Caixa or another bank.

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