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By Ana Beatriz Bartolo

Investing.com – At around 9:31 am, the market was up 0.39%, accelerating gains after the release of the IPCA-15 in November. The retreated 0.53%, to R$ 5.5825, starting a downward movement after the inflation data.

In the United States, 100 futures advance 0.17%, while futures and futures advance 0.20% each.

This Wednesday, Brazil registered 273 new deaths from Covid-19, which brought the total number of fatal victims of the disease in the country to 613,339, informed the Ministry of Health. confirmed in the country advancing to 22,043,112.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes hopes that “the market understands” that “it seems reasonable to score a little lower in the fiscal year and consider the political and social part” given the current scenario in the country, according to what he said at the event. Competitive Brazil Movement (MBC).

The minister’s argument is that the government should be more concerned about helping the population than carrying out private sector activities, such as the production of .

At the event, Guedes also stated that the country’s GDP should grow above 5%, despite market estimates saying otherwise. Guedes also stated that he never called the civil servant a parasite and asked for support for the Administrative Reform, which, according to him, will function as “a filter to value civil servants”.

News of the day

IPCA-15 – November’s rose 1.17%, according to IBGE data released this morning. The result came above market expectations, which predicted a rise of 1.10%, but below the previous result of 1.20%. In the annual accumulated, the IPCA-15 brought an increase of 10.73%, above the 10.65% forecast and the 10.34% relative to previous data.

Brazil Aid – Under pressure from the government, the rapporteur of the Provisional Measure (MP) that created the Brazil Aid, deputy Marcelo Aro (Progressistas-MG), withdrew from his report the possibility of annual adjustment of the benefits of the government’s social program linked to inflation.

Elections 2022 – President Jair Bolsonaro stated, in an interview with RedeTV, that he intends to participate in any debates scheduled for the 2022 presidential elections, as opposed to what took place in 2018. “I hope that the television stations that will eventually organize the debate will take I really stick to this issue. It’s to talk about my mandate. Even my private life is at ease, but don’t get into family, friends, things that won’t lead anywhere,” he said.

Turkish Lira – Turkey’s was hovering around stability on Thursday after posting a historic dip to record lows earlier this week as the country’s President, Tayyip Erdogan, defended recent interest rate cuts despite widespread criticism of the direction of monetary policy. The lira traded at 12.09 per , after having recovered up to 2%, at 11.85 per dollar, at the beginning of trading. The Turkish currency hit its lowest level ever, at 13.45 to the dollar, on Tuesday.

agenda of the day

Jair Bolsonaro – Launch of the New Framework for Guarantees: Simpler and Cheaper Credit; Meeting with Pedro Cesar Sousa, Deputy Chief for Legal Affairs of the General Secretariat of the Presidency; Delivery Ceremony of the VIGIA Program; Military Ceremony of the Aspirants of the 23rd Class of the Training Course for Military Police Officers of the Federal District

Paulo Guedes – Military Ceremony of the Aspirants of the 23rd Class of the Training Course for Military Police Officers of the Federal District

Campos Neto – Lunch with Mario Mesquita, Chief Economist of Itaú Unibanco (SA:); Participates in the Meeting of the National Monetary Council (CMN); Meeting with Reinaldo Le Grazie, Managing Partner of Panamby Capital; Meeting with Christian Daude, Chief Latam Economist of Rokos Capital Management.

corporate news

Ecoroads (SA:) – Ecorodovias signed with the government of São Paulo and the Regulatory Agency for Public Transport Services of São Paulo (Artesp) the Definitive Modification Addendum, which extended the term of the concession contract until November 2033.

Petrobras (SA:) – Petrobras’ board of directors approved the revision of the Shareholder Remuneration Policy, which now has an annual minimum of US$ 4 billion for fiscal years in which the average price of the for is higher than US$ 40/bbl, which can be distributed regardless of their level of indebtedness, as long as the principles set out in the policy are observed.

The state-owned company announced an increase of US$13 billion, or 24%, in its investment plan for the next five years. The Strategic Plan for the period 2022-2026 foresees US$ 68 billion, with most of the resources destined to the pre-salt, which by 2026 should be responsible for 79% of all the company’s production. The plan also points to the possibility of business diversification to reduce dependence on fossil fuel.

Eletrobras (SA:) – Eletrobras implemented the conditions provided for in the Debt Renegotiation Agreement with Companhia de Eletricidade do Amapá (CEA), resulting from the CEA privatization process. According to the company, the agreement generates greater predictability of receipt by the subsidiary Eletronorte. For sub-credit-A, the company will receive R$93 million in a single installment and another 23 monthly installments of R$5.5 million, plus an adjustment of CDI +2.7% per year; and for subcredit-B, R$36 million, in a single installment and another 23 monthly installments of R$2.1 million. In case of punctual payment or advance payment of each of the installments of the sub-credit-A, the CEA will not be obliged to pay the installment of the same number of the sub-credit-B.

CSN (SA:) – CSN stated that the acquisition of Metalgráfica (SA:) is a strategic step to expand its packaging division production capacity.

BRF (SA:) – BRF has taken over four licenses to export its products to Russia from the units in Lucas do Rio Verde (MT), Campos Novos (SC), Lajeado (RS) and Rio Verde (GO). The company will sell several cuts of pork, primarily shank, loin, shoulder blade and topper, with the possibility of also exporting belly and carcass, depending on local demand, according to a company statement.

Hapvida (SA:) – Hapvida entered into an acquisition agreement for at least 73%, which may reach 100% of the total share capital of Maternidade Octaviano Neves SA The acquisition price for 100% of the shares (Equity Value) is R$ 134 million, including the hospital property , parking and clinic attached to the hospital. Hapvida will assume the amount of up to R$ 16 million in net debt calculated on the base date, which will be subject to the price adjustment resulting from its variation until the closing date.

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