William Ribeiro is indicted for attempted aggravated murder

The player William Ribeiro was denounced for attempted aggravated homicide by the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul (MP-RS). He attacked the referee Rodrigo Crivellaro in the match between Sport Clube São Paulo-RS and Guarani-RS, for the Serie A2 of the Gaucho Championship, in October. The complaint was filed today (25) by the District Attorney Pedro Rui da Fontoura Porto.

In the complaint, Porto reported that the player “assumed the risk of producing the result of death” by kicking the referee’s head, who was lying on the ground after having already been hit with a punch by William.

“By delivering a brutal kick to the back of the head, from behind, at the time the victim was unconscious on the lawn, the accused, a professional athlete, not only created but also took the risk of producing the result of death, which was not consummated due to outside circumstances, due to the prompt intervention of other athletes and authorities and, notably, to the fast and efficient medical care”, said the promoter.

Last month, William Ribeiro was suspended from football for two years by the First Disciplinary Commission of the TJD-RS (Rio Grande do Sul Court of Sports Justice). At the time, the player spoke for the first time about the aggression and said he was “very sorry”.

remember the case

The match between Sport Clube São Paulo-RS and Guarani-RS, on October 4th, was stopped in the second half, after William kicked Crivellaro in the head, who was lying on the ground. When they noticed that the referee had passed out, the players asked the medical team to enter the field to help the referee. The player was arrested, but was released on bail.

The judge received medical care and was taken by ambulance to Hospital São Sebastião Mártir, in Venâncio Aires, in Rio Grande do Sul. Crivellaro was discharged the morning after the game, after exams did not indicate any changes.

In contact with the UOL Sport, the Civil Police of Venâncio Aires said that William was arrested and fined for attempted aggravated homicide. The penalty, in case of conviction, is up to 20 years in prison.

On the occasion, SC São Paulo issued an official note regretting what happened and announced the professional’s contractual termination: “The contract with the aggressor athlete is summarily terminated. Furthermore, all possible and legal measures in relation to the fact will be taken”.

Referee Rodrigo Crivellaro, after leaving the hospital, said he didn’t have many memories of the moment and commented on the player’s arrest: “This guy needs treatment, he’s totally out of control, he deserves to be locked up for a long time,” Crivellaro told Radio Imembuí, from the city of Santa Maria.