With a discount of up to R$ 16 thousand, Peugeot sells 800 cars in one day

With a discount of up to R$ 16 thousand, Peugeot sells 800 cars in one day

How to sell 800 cars in a day? Ask me and I’ll answer: Fiat. However, it’s not the Italian brand’s cars in business here, but the French Peugeot’s. The lion, still feared by many people in Brazil, has found new sales territory with Stellantis.

Leaving conversation (and promise) aside, Peugeot left the French for the Italians from Minas Gerais, who added marketing action to move the feline into hostile lands, after all, the brand is still not well regarded by many people.

But that is changing and should accelerate as the Minas cheese fully takes over the French champagne table. One of the actions that are taking Peugeot closer to the Top 10 was Lion Day, where the feline roared with discounts of up to R$ 16,000.

In times of prices that rise at the speed of the leopard, a good discount is the right recipe to enjoy expressive numbers, which Peugeot celebrates as a record. There were 800 cars sold, 600 of which were from the New 208.

With a discount of up to R$ 16 thousand, Peugeot sells 800 cars in one day

In addition, 11,000 people visited Peugeot in its dealership network. Certainly, the schedule with potential customers has increased a lot and this is valid for smart sellers in future opportunities. These will come, for sure, as marketing in Minas Gerais does not end here.

With the 2008 and 3008 models also offered at Lion Day, Peugeot sold 26.5% of license plates for the entire month of October in one day, when the brand sold 3,020 units, leaving Citroën and Mitsubishi far behind.

In recent months, largely due to the semiconductor crisis and also due to Minas Gerais actions, the Peugeot 208 reached the Top 20 in the market. Although it had not been so brilliant in sales, just its ranking in the ranking has already made it appear to many people.

In 2022, the compact hatch will get the GSE 1.0 Turbo engine that, as you’ve already seen in Pulse, will give another life to the feline, which is now seeing how good Minas cheese is…

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