you didn’t know it was so good for your health!

Most of the nutrients in an orange are found in the skin. So, here’s a piece of advice: never throw these wonders of nature away again. For this, Casa e Agro, from Tecno Noticias, this Monday, November 22, teaches you how to enjoy them and make a delicious orange peel tea with ginger, a combination that is very good for health.

Using fruit peels, especially citrus fruits, has become a trend. Generally speaking, citrus peels are high in fiber while low in calories. Thus, they help with weight loss and give a feeling of satiety. the recipe of lemon peel tea with ginger, then, potentiates this effect and provides many other benefits. Check out!

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Orange peel tea with ginger (Canva Pro Reproduction)
Orange peel tea with ginger (Canva Pro Reproduction)

Benefits of orange peel tea with ginger

In addition to having fiber, orange peels are rich in vitamins A and C. Minerals are also found, with calcium being what stands out the most. Micronutrients called polyfiphenols promote antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

Therefore, consuming orange peel helps prevent cancer as it neutralizes cell-damaging free radicals. It also helps to treat obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Vitamin C also participates in the maintenance of the young cell.

Ginger is also good for your health. Relieving pain and inflammation, helping to lose weight, prevent cancer, enhance memory, fight infections and alleviate respiratory tract symptoms, are among the functions of this root.

Now think, all this in a single tea, where the benefits add up. The result is a drink that aids digestion, ideal to be taken after meals. It also helps to calm and fight the most diverse types of infections.

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How to prepare

The preparation of this drink is very practical. Just add the peel of 1 orange without the white part to 1 liter of hot water, together with 1 tablespoon of chopped ginger. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Strain and serve afterwards.

To make the drink even tastier and increase its healing potential, just add other spices such as cloves and cinnamon sticks and sweeten with honey. Then your home remedy will be complete.

Restrictions on orange peel tea with ginger they revolve around people who are allergic to ginger mainly. Furthermore, people being treated with anticoagulants should also avoid this infusion.

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