André Gonçalves celebrates six years with Danielle Winits

On Tuesday, November 23, the house arrest of André Gonçalves (46) was ordered by the Santa Catarina Courts, after a lawsuit was filed by his ex-wife, journalist Cynthia Benini (48): the actor had debts in relation to the alimony of the ex-couple’s daughter, Valentina (18).

However, even in the midst of this chaos in his life, the artist did not fail to celebrate this Thursday, November 25th, the six-year anniversary of his relationship with Danielle Winits.

“Six years together. Grateful for everything. I love you, Dani Winits! Queen of my life,” he wrote in a special post to his wife on Instagram.

andré gonçalves post celebrating six years with danielle winits
Reproduction/Instagram @andregoncalvesoficial1

Remembering that Danielle Winits used her social networks to make a post that indirectly refers to the situation experienced by her current husband. Due to the delay in the pension for his daughter, he was sentenced to serve under house arrest.

“Empathy: a case of public utility”, says the actress’ message.

Danielle Winits post on empathy

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The monthly amount established to meet the basic needs of the 18-year-old daughter Valentina is R$ 4,500. The actor was in default since 2017 and claims to be unemployed.

André was informed of the court’s decision on the case at his residence in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, where he lives with Danielle Winits and the actress’ two children. The decision was taken in a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, journalist and actress Cynthia Benini, for debts with the alimony of their daughter, 18-year-old Valentina.

The decision, which came to light last Tuesday, November 23, establishes house arrest for 60 days. The process is being processed in Santa Catarina. For now, the actor’s defense won’t take another step. After the period established by the decision, there may be new developments in the process.

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According to the actor’s lawyer, Dr. Sylvio Guerra, he will comply with the court order.

“Five years ago André was fired, he is unemployed and in these years all the judges received evidence and considerations that without a job there is no way for him to pay child support in full. However, he never left his children helpless. Every time he does a job, he pays a part, not the whole,” said the lawyer.

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