Anitta wins lawsuit accusing her of plagiarism in the hit “Show das Poderosas”, and must receive compensation

End of process! Last week, the 16th Civil Chamber of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro acquitted Anitta of an accusation of plagiarism made by funk artist MC Bruninha, back in 2013. The process was due to the hit “Show das Poderosas”, which leveraged the career of “Girl from Rio” and, according to Bruninha, was a copy of one of her songs, called “Corpo de Mola: Você vai pirar”. The information was released by columnist Fábia Oliveira, this Thursday (25).

Despite the court battle, the song that motivated the lawsuit was never recorded. However, Bruninha claims that Anitta “stole” a melody created by her mother, Janne Lopes de Andrade, and used in “Corpo de Mola”. The MC, who participated in “A Fazenda 7“, claimed that her copyright was infringed, because she had sung an excerpt on a TV show, before the release of “Show das Poderosas”.

After carrying out the second inspection, the judges concluded that, despite the similarities, it was not proven that Anitta knew about the existence of funk. The columnist had access to the decision signed by Judge Carlos José Martins Gomes. The document states that Bruninha, her mother and businessman André Zander de Frontin Werneck will have to pay Anitta an indemnity of R$ 30,000, plus interest and monetary correction, since the singer was accused when she was at the beginning of her career and “had its image damaged”.

"Powerful's show" leveraged Anitta's career.  (Photo: Reproduction)
“Show das Poderosas” is one of Anitta’s biggest hits. (Photo: Reproduction)

“The attribution of an unlawful act, and even a criminal act – which has not been proven – has the power to injure the author’s personality rights, affronting his credibility in front of the public and affecting his dignity and honor. The declaration of the absence of plagiarism and the indemnity conviction was maintained, with the exclusion of the reimbursement of pre-procedural expenses to the appellee”, says an excerpt of the sentence.

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The song “Show das Poderosas” was the main impetus for Anitta’s success and became a national fever. The music video was released on April 19, 2013 and has nearly 165 million views on YouTube, confirming that the song remains unforgettable. Remember:

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