Anitta wins lawsuit after accusation of plagiarism in “Show das Poderosas”

anitta won! The singer had been fighting for years for “Powerful’s show“, the first hit that leveraged his career in 2013. Finally the verdict was delivered and it was in favor of the mighty.

The court battle started since 2013 by MC Brunninha, who accused Anitta of plagiarism. According to her, the Warner Music contractor stole a melody created by her mother, Janne Lopes de Andrade, and used in a song called “Spring Body: You’re Gonna Flip”. Although the track was never released, Mc Bruninha (who participated in “A Fazenda 7”) believes that her copyright was infringed, because she had sung an excerpt on a TV show, before Anitta appeared with “Powerful’s show”.

Anitta wins lawsuit after accusation of plagiarism in
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In contrast, anitta filed a lawsuit against Mc Brunninha and his mother for breach of image rights and property damage. In plain Portuguese, the singer says that the funkeira is damaging her image with the accusation, which she says would be a liar.

the verdict

The result was that anitta should receive indemnified by MC Brunninha in the amount of BRL 30 thousand.

The attribution of an unlawful act, and even a criminal act – which has not been proven – has the power to injure the author’s personality rights, affronting his credibility in front of the public and affecting his dignity and honor“, he wrote Carlos José Martins Gomes in your vote. He is the rapporteur and judge of the case.

The declaration of the absence of plagiarism and the indemnity conviction was maintained, with the exclusion of the reimbursement of pre-procedural expenses to the appellee“, states an excerpt of the judgment.

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