Arrascaeta enters training last, makes a good impression and should form a quartet with Gabigol, Bruno Henrique and Everton Ribeiro

After recent injuries, Pedro, Arrascaeta and Bruno Henrique went to the field in Flamengo’s training this Thursday, in Montevideo

O Flamengo prepared this Thursday (25), two days before the final of the Libertadores Conmebol against palm trees, which you follow on FOX Sports and for ESPN on Star+, at 5 pm. And the trend is for maximum strength on the field in the decision.

During the ESPN FC, reporter Pedro Henrique Torre, who monitored the rubro-negra activity for Disney channels, brought details of the training at Estadio Campeón del Siglo, from Peñarol. According to Peter, eyes were turned to Arrascaeta.

The Uruguayan, who played 17 minutes against the International and just over 30 minutes against the Guild, came to embezzle the team for 14 games due to a muscle injury. This Thursday, he was the last to enter the lawn. And left a positive image.

“Flamengo trained at Peñarol’s stadium and put everyone on the field. There were 15 initial minutes, I could see the expressions. Expectation and anxiety remain. Michael playing with Thiago Maia, everyone laughing. Second-last was Gabigol. The last one to join was Arrascaeta. He entered normally, ran for a while and showed that he was okay, no problem,” said Pedro, adding.

Pedro and Bruno Henrique went to the field. Flamengo put the whole troop. Arrascaeta felt some movements, shocks, he was holding the ball and looking for the stride to feel the game. Flamengo’s idea is to put on the quartet that was successful in 2019: Everton Ribeiro, Arrascaeta, Bruno Henrique and Gabigol”, informed Pedro, in addition.

“You don’t give up at a decisive moment. There’s Michael, who’s been in a very good phase. But it’s a final, all that counts. Flamengo wants to have the complete team and is moving towards that,” he concluded.

In recent weeks, the medical department of Flamengo has had problems, becoming a topic of backstage crack at the club, even involving coach Renato Gaúcho, due to the number of injuries.