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The ranking considers complaints made between midday on November 25, 2020 and midnight on November 28, 2020. It is noteworthy that the companies on the list are well evaluated by the consumer and have a high reputation in Reclame Aqui. According to the site, however, the appearance in the ranking does not indicate that e-commerce is bad or unreliable. “Any company can go through setbacks, especially at a time with high volume of orders, such as Black Friday,” says Reclame Aqui.

Black Friday: Complain Here publishes list of companies that are champions in complaints; stores are highly rated by consumers — Photo: Europa Press News/Getty Images

On the platform, reputations are measured based on the assessment made by the consumer after having their case attended to. The store’s final score is composed of the response rate (total number of complaints answered by the company) and the average of the consumers’ scores (arithmetic average of scores, from 0 to 10, awarded by the complainants after the company has been served).

The solution index (number of complaints considered resolved by consumers) and the new business index (number of complaints in which consumers, at the end, informed that, yes, they would do business with the company) are also included in the reputation calculation. .

“The volume of complaints does not impact the result, after all, it may be that the brand has gone through a specific problem, such as a failure on its website that has prevented customers from completing their purchases”, explains Reclame Aqui. The platform reinforces that more important than the number of complaints is the solution index.

Reclame Aqui registered 9,160 complaints on Black Friday last year. Misleading advertising accounts for the largest volume of complaints (27%). Soon after, there are complaints about problems in finalizing the purchase (10%), divergence of values ​​(9%), product not received (8%) and product unavailable (5%). The platform’s analysis was that the promotion had average discounts.

See, in the table below, the companies that were the champions of complaints on Black Friday 2020. It is worth emphasizing that, despite the complaints, the stores gained a high reputation in the ranking made by consumers.

Companies with the most complaints on Black Friday 2020

Ranking positionCompanyNumber of complaintsReputation in Claim Here
1American Marketplace4718.6
3Magazine Luiza – Online Store2928.6
4Americanas – Online Store2809
5Casas Bahia – Online Store2567.5
6Digital love2079.1
7Riachuelo – Online Store1708.1
9Renner stores1587.7
10Submarine Marketplace1487.9

How to avoid problems with stores on Black Friday 2021

Complaints about misleading advertising led consumer complaints on Black Friday 2020. To avoid such problems in this year’s edition, it’s important to monitor prices and be alert to the famous product fraud by “half double”. Another tip is to pay attention to the shopping cart, to ensure that the price displayed on the merchandise page will be charged at checkout.

With information from Claim Here (1 and 2)

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