Ceará beat Corinthians with Lei do Ex in the final minutes and leapfrog in the Brasileirão table

With the former’s law in the final minutes, Ceará beat Corinthians 2-1 and made a leap in the Brasileirão table

In a direct duel in the fight for a vacancy at Libertadores, the Ceará received the Corinthians by the 35th round of the brazilian at Arena Castelão. With goals in the end, Vozão beat Timão 2-1.

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The match started with a delay of a few minutes due to a slight delay by Corinthians players to enter the field.

But after just six minutes, Cassio came out playing badly with his feet and the ball landed on Vina’s feet. The midfielder dominated well and kicked hard, in the corner of the Corinthians archer to open the marker at home.

Both characters were even protagonists in a discussion between the duel, before leaving the field.

After the goal, Corinthians started to look for the game more in search of a draw. The big chance came with Du Queiroz, at the end of the first stage, when goalkeeper João Ricardo made a good save.

In the final stretch of the second stage, however, Róger Guedes appeared well after Willian’s pass, made the cut and kicked cross, high, with no chance for the rival goalkeeper, tying the duel.

The joy, however, was short-lived. Yony ​​González, minutes later, scored with his head and made Castelão explode with emotion.

Championship status

Corinthians continues in 4th, with 53 points, thanks to the stumble of strength. Ceará, in turn, jumps to 8th, with 49 points.

The ace of the game: Vina

Scorer of the goal that opened the scoring, the midfielder had a remarkable performance at home to ensure Vozão’s victory.

Ex-active law

With a short spell at Corinthians in the first half of 2020, Yony González entered the second stage to score Ceará’s winning goal and become the unlikely hero.

upcoming games

The two teams return to the field in the next few days. On Sunday (28), Timon receives the Athletic-PR, while on Tuesday (30), Ceará visits the Flamengo.


Ceará 2 x 1 Corinthians

GOALS: Vina and Yony (CEA); Roger Guedes (COR)

CEARÁ: João Ricardo; Igor, Gabriel Lacerda, Luiz Otávio and Bruno Pacheco; Fabinho, Sobral (William Oliveira), Vina (Jorginho) and Lima (Rick); Jael (Yony) and Mendoza (Kelvyn). Technician: Tiago Nunes

CORINTHIANS: Cassius; Fagner (João Pedro), João Victor, Gil and Piton; Gabriel (Vitinho), Du Queiroz (Willian), Gabriel Pereira (Mosquito) and Luan (Renato Augusto); Roger Guedes and Jô. Technician: Sylvinho