Copilot was on the 2nd flight of the day, says girlfriend

José Porfírio de Brito Júnior, co-pilot of the twin-engine that disappeared into the sea between Paraty (RJ) and Ubatuba (SP), with two other people, has experience traveling between Campinas and Jacarepaguá Airport (RJ), where the landing of the aircraft was scheduled. aircraft, and was taking its second flight of the day, according to his girlfriend.

In conversation with the UOL, Thalya Viana said that she went to Paraty today, to accompany the searches, and stated that the aircraft once belonged to her boyfriend, but had been sold a year ago.

The last information Thalya had from her boyfriend was around 8 pm, when he announced he was taking off. The information the family obtained is that the aircraft had to make a forced landing due to an engine problem – but this has not yet been confirmed.

Thalya criticized the performance of Organs competent bodies in the case. “We need to know the location of the aircraft. Air Force, Navy, Port Authority were all very absent. They were handing over responsibility to each other. They even informed us of invalid phone numbers so that we could get in touch,” she said.

airplane - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

José Porfírio de Brito Júnior, co-pilot of the twin-engine that disappeared at sea between Paraty (RJ) and Ubatuba (SP)

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Also according to Thalya, this was the second flight of her boyfriend’s day. He had left Rio de Janeiro for São Paulo and the return to the capital Fluminense was scheduled for the beginning of the night, but ended up being delayed. “We’ve been trying to get information since yesterday.”

The family has already made contact with hospitals in the region to find out if there was an entry of rescued victims of an air accident.


The Fire Department reported that the teams were called at 23:45 yesterday to respond to the occurrence. This morning, the Brazilian Air Force said it found wreckage that could be from the missing aircraft.

The rescue action is still taking place and received support from the São Paulo Fire Department. They were called to provide support during the night. According to the corporation, the occurrence would be to attend to “technical problems” in an aircraft.

The flight departed at 8:30 pm from Amarais Airport, in Campinas, and would land at Jacarepaguá Airport, in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the pilot, the co-pilot and a passenger were on the plane.

The Air Force Command said in a note sent to UOL that the Curitiba Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Center (ARCC-CW), a unit of the Brazilian Air Force responsible for coordinating air search operations in the region, was notified last night of the aircraft’s disappearance.

Searches began at 4:15 am today, wearing night vision goggles. At around 6:35 am, the Brazilian Air Force located debris at sea that, according to the agency, could be from the missing aircraft. “The location was passed on to the maritime search agencies and the flights continue,” the statement concludes.

The copilot’s mother, Ana Regina, arrived in Paraty around 5:00 am today to search for her son. She complained of mismatches in the information of the agencies responsible for the searches.


According to the RAB (Brazilian Aeronautical Registry), the plane was not authorized to take an air taxi. The vehicle is model PA-34-220T and is also linked to the co-pilot, José Porfírio de Brito Júnior.

Despite being denied authorization for an air taxi, the aircraft’s registration indicates that it is authorized to make private night flights and has regular documentation.

The inspection of the aircraft was up to date and the VAC (Certificate of Airworthiness Verification) would expire on August 6, 2022.