Corinthians beats So Bernardo and advances to the quarterfinals of the Paulista U-20

Corinthians is classified for the quarter finals of the São Paulo Sub-20 Championship. This Thursday afternoon, the team beat São Bernardo by 4-1, at Fazendinha, for the return game of the round of 16. In the first leg, the match ended in a draw at 1 to 1.

Playing at home, Timãozinho imposed the rhythm of the game and had no difficulties to break through the opposing defense. Giovane, the team’s top scorer in the competition, scored twice more. Cauê and Arthur Sousa scored the other two goals.

The round-trip matches of the quarter-final stage are scheduled for the days December 2nd and 5th, respectively, but may undergo FPF alterations. The Corinthians opponent will still be defined with the result of the other round of 16 clashes.


Diogo Siston repeated the team that took the field in the first leg, with: Alan Gobetti; Léo Mana, Lucas Belezi, Robert Renan and Reginaldo; Luis Mandaca, Keven Vinicius, Ryan and Matheus Araújo; Cauê and Giovane.


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The game

First time

Corinthians gave the first shot on goal, in the fourth minute. Keven started with the ball loaded from the right and risked from outside the area. The ball was low and passed with danger next to the crossbar.

São Bernardo responded at ten, with Jucelio. The attacker infiltrated the area, dribbled Reginaldo and released the right-hand bomb, which exploded in the defense and went into a corner.

At 12, Robert Renan created another good opportunity for Timão. The defender made a great throw and found Matheus Araújo free in attack. The midfielder tried to cover for the goalkeeper, but sent him out.

Corinthians’ insistence finally broke São Bernardo’s defense at 22. Léo Mana overtook on the right, received it and crossed low. The ball crossed the area and reached the feet of top scorer Giovane, who only had to push inside and make the 1-0 goal.

After the goal, São Bernardo loosened up on the field. On the right, come out the best plays of the team.

But the offensive posture created many spaces for counterattacks and, in one of these, Timão expanded. At 37, Matheus Araújo took the play on the right and touched it to Giovane. The attacker dominated and hit left-handed cross, making his second in the game.

Cauê even had an opportunity to expand the score before the break. At 44, the shirt 9 took a risk from a distance and forced the goalkeeper to make a great save in the corner.

Second time

Corinthians returned to the final stage betting again on counterattacks, and Giovane almost scored the third after four minutes. In a play pulled by Reginaldo on the left, the lateral crossed on the second pole and the attacker almost reached the cart.

In the next move, Timão got the goal. Mandaca had the ball dominated at the edge of the area, dribbled a defender and went to the end line to cross. On the second beam, Cauê only needed to put it to the back of the net.

Despite the advantage, Corinthians continued to attack. At 14, Keven took advantage of the ball that was left in the penalty area and hit the goal. In the trajectory, Cauê tried to dodge and almost fooled the goalkeeper, who made the defense with difficulty.

At 21, São Bernardo managed to decrease. Erick made a left play and crossed low. Victor was on the second stick to seize and push inside. In celebration, Bruno Tatavito was sent off and left the visiting team with one less.

In response, Corinthians would score another one, but the bid was canceled by the flag. Arthur Sousa, who had just come in, headed in a cross as Matheus Araújo had done, but the forward was offside.

The duo produced two more dangerous moves for the alvinegra team. In the first one, Matheus crossed in the area and Arthur tried a volley, which went very close to the post. In the second, the midfielder left the attacker face to face with the goalkeeper, who this time did not waste, hit under the opponent’s legs and scored Timon’s fourth.

At 44, Corinthians almost reached the fifth goal in a beautiful move. Richard made a balanced play in the middle, received in the area facing the goalkeeper and kicked. The opponent defended and rebounded for Reginaldo. From outside, the lateral hit crossed and saved, but the referee stopped the move, marking off the attack.

The bid was the last goal opportunity created by both teams. Thus, the clash ended with a 4-1 victory for alvinegra.

Corinthians 4 x 1 So Bernardo FC fact sheet

Competition: São Paulo Under-20 Championship
Local: Alfredo Schrig Stadium, So Paulo, SP
Date: November 25, 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 3:00 pm (Brasilia)
Referee: Flvio Roberto Mineiro Ribeiro
Goals: Cau, Giovane (twice), Arthur Sousa (Corinthians); Victor (So Bernardo FC)
Yellow cards: Keven Vinicius (Corinthians); Gabriel Lopes (So Bernardo FC)
Red card: Bruno Tatavito (So Bernardo FC)

CORINTHIANS: Alan Gobetti; Lo Mana (Daniel Marcos), Lucas Belezi, Robert Renan and Luis Mandaca (Cauan da Mata); Reginaldo, Keven Vinicius, Ryan (Vitor) and Cau (Arthur Sousa); Matheus Arajo and Giovane (Richard).
Technician: Diogo Siston

SO BERNARDO FC: Igor Belmiro; Guilherme, Ruan, Gabriel Lopes and Guilherme Alemo (Orlando); Bruno Tatavito, Erick (Guilherme Pistola), Joo Mafra (Victor) and Jonas; Jucelio (Camilo) and Jesus (Luke).
Technician: Douglas Bazolli

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