Corinthians fans criticize Sylvinho again and praise Guedes for ‘honorable goal’ in defeat

Corinthians remains without a win in the second round, playing away from home. On Thursday night, the defeat against Ceará made Sylvinho come back to be criticized by the fans.

The coach chose to give Renato Augusto a rest and that divided the crowd. The one chosen for the vacancy was Luan, which did not improve Sylvinho’s situation much – see some tweets below.

On the other hand, the fans recognized the goal scored by Róger Guedes. The number 123 came to tie the game in the final minutes for Timão, but Corinthians’ happiness did not last long, as Ceará returned to swing the net.

Corinthians, then, was stopped at 53 points in the table and only did not lose position because Fortaleza was also defeated in the round, by Santos. The fact was even a reason for jokes by Corinthians fans on social networks.

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