Cruzeiro sponsor nails Luxa and Manoel and admits conversations by Willian – 11/25/2021

After making official the hiring of defender Maicon, this Thursday (25), Cruzeiro continues to move in the ball market. In a radio interview Itatiaia, Pedro Lourenço, owner of BH Supermarkets and main sponsor of the club, signaled that new names may soon emerge, among them defender Manoel and striker Willian.

“Manoel is already set to come back. Maicon is already there, and he has to bring a player, he will. The fans can hope that he will come,” he commented.

Asked about the possibility of repatriating the attacker Wiilian, now at Palmeiras, Pedrinho informed that Alexandre Mattos – quoted to assume the direction of football at the club – is already talking to the player. Furthermore, he revealed that Luxembourg is set for 2022.

“We hope he comes. Alexandre is talking to him. There will be good news, like Vanderlei [Luxemburgo], which will stay. It’s important, it’s halfway there,” he added.

Transfer ban

Unable to register players because of the transfer ban – FIFA’s punishment referring to debts on Arrascaeta and Riascos’ signings – the tendency is that the debts must be paid soon so that new athletes can have their bond registered with the CBF.

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