Dengue kills again in MS and deaths reach 14 during the year

After three months, Mato Grosso do Sul returned to record death from dengue. The information is from the SES (Secretary of State for Health) which points out in the survey released on Wednesday (24), the death of an elderly, 77 years old, resident in Campo Grande, on November 23.

Therefore, there are 14 deaths from the disease in 2021 in the state.

The bulletin points out that the fatal victim had comorbidities, being diabetes and hypertension.

There were also records of deaths in Dourados (2), Corumbá (2), Três Lagoas (2), Caarapó (1), Ivinhema (1), Nova Alvorada do Sul (1), Aparecida do Taboado (1), Corumbá (1 ), Anaurilândia (1).

The total number of notified cases of the disease, that is, suspected, throughout the year reaches 11,244.

There was an increase in the number of confirmed cases of the disease. In the data of the 17th of November, the total reached 7,294, in the data of this Wednesday (24), the total reaches 7,855.
During the whole year of 2020, the total number of reported cases was 52,280. The total number of fatal victims from the disease was 43.


The SES highlights in the document that measures to prevent dengue, need to be adopted at any time of year.

“In addition to Aedes Aegypti transmitting Dengue, today the mosquito has become one of the biggest enemies of public health because it also transmits the Zika virus and Chikungunya Fever”, points out an excerpt from the bulletin.

To prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes, the population needs to avoid water standing in garbage in the yards, remove branches and leaves from the gutters, store tires in covered places, always do pool maintenance, put sand in the broken glass of walls or cement, among others recommendations.

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