Director of Ferj rebuts Grêmio for doubting the arbitration: ‘Halucination’ – 11/25/2021

The refereeing director of the Football Federation of Rio (Ferj), Luiz Mairovitch, fired at members of the Grêmio board for comments related to the decisive confrontation against Bahia, by Brasileirão. Grêmio president Romildo Bolzan said he was “afraid of arbitration against Bahia”. As the team with the whistle climbed tomorrow’s game (26) is from Rio, the Ferj manager took the pains and countered.

Mairovitch resorted to terms such as “disrespect” and even cited hypotheses of “hallucinations” and “illusionism show”. The referee selected by the CBF for the match is Bruno Arleu de Araújo, who is from FIFA. The VAR is in charge of Rodrigo Nunes de Sá, also from the international staff, as well as one of the assistants, Rodrigo Figueiredo Correa.

“The words of the president of Grêmio, in the company of the vice football team, at his press conference released yesterday, where he leaks his stock of frivolities with regard to the refereeing team in Rio designated for his club’s match, leads to the presupposition of a certainty and some hypotheses”, began Mairovitch, in a note sent to UOL Sport, then hitching:

“The certainty is that he does not know the people he spoke of, demerit and disrespect for the opponent (Bahia) and discredit of the team itself and hypotheses of hallucinations or protagonism in an illusionism show based on a known, obsolete script that is part of the tattered transfer to third party strategy [no caso, à arbitragem] the responsibility of mistakes and administrative inefficiency. Here is the repudiation of the lamentable and unfortunate statements””.

In Romildo’s statement, after the 2-2 draw with Flamengo, the manager mentioned mistakes that happened in games involving Bahia.

“Grêmio, to every game that feels harmed, makes complaints and receives answers. The ombudsman has confessed mistakes. Grêmio is publicly denouncing fear of the game with Bahia. Nothing against the club Bahia, nothing. Grêmio is very afraid , for everything that’s going on, for all the mistakes made. And for what’s at stake. I’m very afraid of refereeing, not only in this game, but in all of them. I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know the consequences and causes of what’s going on. But if there’s something to denounce, that’s what we’re talking about. I’m afraid of arbitration against Bahia,” Bolzan said at the time.

Searched again by UOL Sport, after the statements made by the Ferj director, the president of Grêmio explained that he was speaking in a general context and that his sentence had no direct and specific connection with the Rio referees.

“I didn’t even know what the scheduled arbitration was, and I didn’t even know if they were from Rio de Janeiro. I spoke within the context of mistakes confessed against Grêmio by the CBF referee commission’s ombudsman and a faltering arbitration in this championship, where even the VAR makes mistakes and fails to fully evaluate bids. I also spoke in the context of the errors that benefited Bahia against Cuiabá. In this context, the aggressive approach of this citizen is totally unreasonable. [da Ferj]. The prejudice of unprepared arbitrations has really been a sad script,” said the Rio Grande do Sul official.

In relation specifically to Bahia x Cuiabá, the CBF ombudsman considered that a goal was wrongly disallowed by the referee Raphael Claus: the move in which he scored a foul by Jenison on Nino Paraíba. There was another questioned move, with an impediment in the play after checking the VAR: the CBF considered that Cuiabá’s claim was not valid.

The game against Bahia is tomorrow (26), at 7pm, at Arena Fonte Nova. Grêmio has 36 points and a game more than Bahia, which has 37 points — both are in the relegation zone. Juventude is the first team out of Z4, with 40 points, and the same number of matches played as Grêmio players (34).