Does jumping rope get thin? 6 tricks to burn more calories

Jump rope

Jump rope

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Jump rope it may seem like child’s play, however, behind the fun there are numerous health benefits, even in adulthood. As with any physical activity, it ensures improved conditioning, increased caloric expenditure and the release of happiness hormones. Factors that act positively on weight loss and quality of life.

“There is an increase in well-being caused by a hormonal release (of endorphins), high caloric expenditure, improvement in cholesterol and blood glucose levels, reduction in blood pressure, etc.”, reveals physical educator Marcus Mattos. According to the professional, jumping rope consumes around 400 calories a day. Great news for anyone who wants to eliminate that belly.

The good news is that to secure all these benefits, you don’t even have to leave your home. All you need is a rope, comfortable sneakers and a small space. But to enhance the weight loss process and ensure all the necessary safety, Professor Marcus also separated six simple tips to start jumping rope. Check out:

1 – Don’t forget about heating

There’s no secret. When it comes to physical activity, the ideal start is always a good old-fashioned warm-up. The trainer recommends that you start jumping rope at a slow pace. “This allows you to gradually increase your blood flow and heart rate,” he says.

2 – Use your wrists and forearms to rotate the rope and avoid shoulder rotation

For this, the easiest way is to adjust the length of the rope according to its height and span. The hands need to be at the waist, with the neck and shoulders relaxed.

3 -On tiptoe

The ideal, according to Marcus, is to take short jumps and touch the ground with your toes. It is also necessary to synchronize hand and leg movements.

4 – Attention with breathing

The best way to identify whether the exercise was performed correctly is to check the way you breathe. If you’re excessively breathless, try slowing down a bit. Jumping rope naturally will extend the duration of the activity and burn more calories.

5 – Take breaks

It’s virtually impossible to jump rope for an hour without stopping. Ideally, start with small sets and gradually increase the volume. The teacher recommends starting with just five minutes, taking a break and trying another 10 minutes. Increase the duration until you can skip 30 minutes straight.

6 – The equipment is essential

A good way to increase the intensity of the activity is to diversify the type of rope. “Start with a regular one. Then, when you feel familiar with the exercise, opt for a rubber one, so you can jump at a stronger pace. The last stage is to use a rope with weights”, concludes Marcus.

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