Echo dot com Alexa is 37% off

In early November, Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant completed two years in Brazil. In a short time, she has already become a “celebrity” here for her versatility and has been much sought after on Black Friday 2021.

Alexa can be used to update daily news and information, stock exchange data and weather forecasts. It can also work integrated with a series of products such as: controlling lights, increasing the volume of speakers, activating the operation of some robot vacuum cleaners, among others.

To facilitate these uses, Amazon sells smart speaker models (smart speakers, in English) with Alexa. On Black Friday, you can buy some at a discount. Take a look at these suggestions, with a 37% reduction in value:

Echo Dot 3rd Generation – smart speaker with Alexa

Price: from BRL 349 to BRL 199*

Amazon's Echo dot 3 - Press Release - Press Release

Echo dot 3 by Amazon

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The Echo Dot is one of Amazon’s top smart speaker models. As it is compact, it can be placed in different environments to help when choosing music, listening to news and information via voice commands for Alexa. It has four long-range microphones and good sound power. You can connect it to other electronic devices via Bluetooth.

Echo Dot 4th Generation – smart speaker with Alexa

Price: from BRL 399 to BRL 299*

Amazon's Echo dot 4 - Press Release - Press Release

Echo dot 4 black, from Amazon

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The 4th generation smart speaker Echo Dot features a new design (rounder) and audio system, with front steering (a 1.6 speaker). It offers more bass sounds than the previous generation. Alexa virtual assistant can assist when playing music, answering questions, reading news, checking the weather, creating alarms and controlling smart home devices that support the virtual assistant.Available in three colors: black, white or blue.

Echo Dot 4th generation – smart speaker with Alexa and watch

Price: from R$499 to R$349*

Amazon's Echo dot 4 com clock - Press Release - Press Release

Amazon Echo dot 4 with clock

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This 4th generation Echo Dot model is similar to the previous one, but it has a digital clock on its speaker. You can see the time, alarms and timers on its LED display. The Snooze function is activated at the top. The device can also be used to control the home by voice and intelligently, combined with other compatible devices, and to make calls through the Alexa app or other compatible Echo devices.

echo Show 5 (2nd generation, version 2021) – with Alexa and 2 MP camera

Price: from BRL 599 to BRL 399*

Amazon's Echo show 5 - Press Release - Press Release

Amazon’s Echo show 5

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In addition to following all Alexa’s standard features, the model echo Show has a 2 MP camera, which allows you to make video calls to anyone using the Alexa app. The interactive screen can be voice or motion commanded to control other compatible devices. Through Facebook, you can display photos on this smart screen, turning it into a digital photo frame. It is manufactured in black, white or blue.

Echo 4th Generation with premium sound, smart home hub and Alexa

Price: from R$749 to R$549*

Amazon's Echo dot 4 - Press Release - Press Release

Echo dot 4 from Amazon

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Echo delivers high-pitched sounds, dynamic mids and deep bass, according to the manufacturer, providing a high-quality system that adapts to the room in which you are operating. In practice, it allows for greater immersion when listening to music and podcasts, for example. Smart functions that are worth mentioning is the multi-environment music feature: it allows you to play audios synchronously in different rooms that have other compatible Echo devices. It can be synchronized with Fire TV Lite, an Amazon device that turns your TV into a smart, reproducing the sound of movies and series with home theater quality. Available in black, white or blue.

echo Show 8 (2nd generation, version 2021) – with Alexa and 13 MP camera

Price: from R$999 to R$799*

Amazon's Echo show 8 - Press Release - Press Release

Amazon’s Echo Show 8

Image: Disclosure

It has an 8-inch (20.3 cm) HD touchscreen with adaptable color and powerful speakers, according to Amazon. Video calls can be made with the 13 MP camera, which uses auto framing to keep you in the center of the screen. To enable this functionality, just ask Alexa to make a call to someone registered in your contacts. The model can be purchased in black or white.

Echo Studio – smart speaker with high fidelity audio and Alexa

Price: from R$1,699 to R$1,399*

echo studio - Press Release - Press Release

Echo Studio

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The Echo Studio model has even more immersive sound and features speakers that produce powerful bass, dynamic mid-range and crisp highs, according to the manufacturer. Dolby Atmos technology (for 3D audio, cinema-like and more realistic) provides a sense of space, clarity and depth in sounds. The device automatically identifies the acoustics of the environment and continuously adjusts the reproduction to provide a good sound experience.

Echo Show 10 – smart display with movement and Alexa

Price: from R$1,899 to R$1,499*

Amazon's Echo show 10 - Press Release - Press Release

Amazon’s Echo show 10

Image: Disclosure

Designed with a 10.1-inch (25.6 cm) HD display that automatically moves around the base, video calls, recipes and movies and series can always be in view. The speakers provide premium, high-quality directional sound, according to the manufacturer. The camera has a resolution of 13 MP and has automatic framing and movement, for better centering and positioning during video calls.

‘Exposed’ on social media

Days after Alexa’s birthday, Amazon’s Brazilian Twitter profile revealed which phrases were most requested by users to the virtual assistant. The “exposed” showed some gems and how many times they were repeated for the virtual assistant:

  • “Alexa, tell me a joke”: over 20 million times
  • “Alexa, sing a song”: over 6 million times
  • “Alexa, tell me a story”: over 1 million times
  • “Alexa, fart”: over 1 million times

*Prices and list were checked on November 23, 2021 to update this article. They may vary over time.

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