Facily reimburses customers after pressure from Procon-SP for complaints

After breaking the record of complaints at Procon-SP, Facily reimbursed all 151,000 customers who filed a complaint at the agency until November 11th. The return of the claimants’ money is part of an agreement that also includes a promise to invest R$250 million in improvements in service and logistics.

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Facily reimburses customers after pressure from Procon-SP for record complaints

The refund movement took place after Procon-SP summoned the company and Facily signed a refund agreement for all damaged customers. In addition, Facily promised to reduce complaints by 80%. Prior to that, Procon considered preventing the app from working through a maximum penalty provided for in the Consumer Defense Code (CDC) in case of irregularity.

Facily’s agreement with Procon estimates the reimbursement of all 151,000 customers who complained about the app during the pandemic. Despite having already finished returning the amount, the company still needs to send proof of reimbursement to all claimants within 6 working days after the transaction.

In a statement last Friday (19), Facily says it reinforces its transparency and commitment to everyone. In addition, he says that “it continues working to locate orders with different registration data between the company’s system and the Procon-SP system”.

Furthermore, Facily received, on the same day it signed the agreement with Procon-SP, a contribution of US$ 250 million. The company says it should improve service, reinforce logistics and deliver products faster.

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