Find out how much the imported slipper Mion used in the Cauldron costs

Last Saturday (11/20), Marcos Mion innovated by presenting Globo’s Caldeirão, with nothing less than a pair of neon flip-flops and a sweatshirt. The relaxed look caught the attention of internet users, but contrary to what people might think, the shoes are nothing basic and can cost up to R$ 8,000.

On social networks, the unusual appearance to be seen on global screens reverberated on the web: “You’re so much at home that you’ve already put on a flip-flop”, said one internet user. “Mion working in flip flops, you represent us,” commented another. “I love this slipper, it should be comfortable”, said another one.


The shoe is signed by rapper Kanye West and is part of the Yeezy Slide Glow Green line portfolio, which has a more relaxed style. Made from neon green EVA foam, the slipper has a 100% rubber, shark-tooth sole. The column LeoDias quoted the value in a luxury goods store and saw that the item can reach up to R$ 8 thousand, however, the average value is in the range of R$ 2 thousand.

He took advantage of the repercussions to joke with the fans: “You’ve never seen this on Globo! Today, sneakers were left aside and the most hyped flip-flop at the time was the one who gained morale”, said the presenter on his social networks.

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