Find out what can lead to the loss of unemployment insurance

Previously, it is necessary to clarify that unemployment insurance is guaranteed, by law, to all formally registered workers. In summary, the benefit is intended to provide financial assistance to employees who have been dismissed without just cause.

Furthermore, the aid is divided into 3 to 5 monthly installments depending on the length of work of the worker in a given company. Check out:

  • 3 installments: from 24 months worked
  • 4 installments: at least 12 months worked
  • 5 installments: at least 6 months worked

It is noteworthy that under some conditions, unemployment insurance will not be granted, as provided for in the rules for granting the benefit. It is this question that we will address.

Who is entitled to unemployment insurance

Beforehand, it is necessary to understand which benefit is granted to all workers who meet any of the profiles below:

  • Officials and domestic workers dismissed without just cause or with indirect dismissal;
  • Workers with a suspended contract as a result of a qualification program or course offered by the company;
  • Fishermen in closed season;
  • Workers who were rescued from slavery or similar conditions.

However, the legislation provides for some rules in which the worker must fit in order to receive the benefit, see:

  • Not having another source of income to support themselves and their families
  • Not receiving any Social Security benefits, except death or accident assistance;
  • Being unemployed during the entire receipt of the benefit;
  • Not having been fired for cause.

Unemployment Insurance Claim

When applying for unemployment insurance, the worker must pay attention to certain factors such as the deadline for claiming the benefit and how many requests have already been made by him.

With regard to the number of orders, the following patterns must be observed:

  • 1st request: have worked for at least 12 months for 18 months from the date of dismissal.
  • 2nd request: have worked for at least 9 months during the 12 months prior to the date of dismissal;
  • 3rd request onwards: have worked 6 months immediately prior to the date of dismissal.

Deadline for requesting the benefit

Beforehand, it is worth mentioning that the insurance application must be within the period provided for by law. In this sense, from 7 days after dismissal, formal workers may have up to 120 days to request benefits. Templates change in the following cases

  • Housekeeper: you have the 7th to the 90th day, counting from the date of dismissal, to apply for the benefit;
  • Professional fisherman: during closed season, within 120 days from the date of commencement of the ban;
  • Rescued worker: until the 90th day from the date of redemption.

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