Goal shoots up 9.7%; understand the reason and know what to do with the action

Analyst asks investors to be careful, as today’s high was a punctual correction (Image: Money Times/Vitória Fernandes)

The actions of Goal (GOLL4) soared 9.69%, quoted at R$ 17.10, this Thursday (25).

For the analyst of Mirae Asset, Pedro Galdi, today’s high happened on a day that the Brazilian financial market was unbiased, with the holiday in USA and no big news.

Without a defined bias, the market had a greater appetite for risk, which led to today’s high. However, the analyst urges caution for the action.

“Today’s high was a punctual correction, I don’t expect the airline industry to take off, we have this strike that is going on in airlines and Covid-19 is advanced in Europe, which calls for caution for investors, as if a new wave spreads around the world, airlines may suffer again”, he explains.

Stock also closes at Azul

O Ibovespa (IBOV) closed higher this Thursday, in a session with little liquidity as the index was not supported by the US market, closed due to the holiday.

Petrobras shares were the main influencing factor for the rise of the Ibovespa, despite a tepid session for oil. During the day, company executives presented the company’s strategic plan for the next four years to investors and analysts.

The Ibovespa rose 1.24% to 105,811.25 points, the highest level to close since November 12th. The financial volume was 21.2 billion reais. For comparison purposes, on the other three days of the week the volume was between around 26 and 31 billion reais.

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