Gui Araujo is eliminated from the farm of the week

Gui Araujo was the tenth eliminated from “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). He was the least voted by the public, with just 18.32% of the vote. Bil Araújo and Dayane Mello continue on the reality show. The ex-BBB was the most voted, with 57.01% of the votes. Dayane received 24.67% of the votes.

When talking to Adriane Galisteu, Gui said that, in part, he was feeling relief for leaving the reality show.

I was very exhausted mentally, psychologically. I said this a few times. I know that everything here is seen and it is very difficult for me. I went through other realities too. I didn’t imagine it would be this difficult. Gui Araujo

The pawn also said that the rural reality was “much more difficult” than the others he participated in, such as “De Vacation With the Ex” (MTV).

“It was a very punk experience. I’m very attached to my freedom, I didn’t know that. […] It was really difficult for me to miss my friends, my family. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t imagine it would be like this,” he said.

cheering for Dynho

Still in conversation with Galisteu, the former pawn declared his support for Dynho Alves to win the game: “I’m going to cheer for my friend Dynho! He has a story there that captivated me a lot,” he said.

How the field was formed

A Fazwenda 2021: Bil Araújo, Dayane Mello and Gui Araujo are on the tenth farm - Reproduction/Playplus - Reproduction/Playplus

A Fazwenda 2021: Bil Araújo, Dayane Mello and Gui Araujo are on the tenth farm

Image: Playback/Playplus

Rico Melquiades, farmer of the week, nominated a farmer for the second time in this edition and put MC Gui right on the spot: “It’s the famous catchphrase, our saint here in the game didn’t hit,” he said.

Solange Gomes and Gui Araujo had 5 votes each. Rico needed to break the tie and saved Solange, putting Gui Araujo in the spotlight: “A person I think is totally incoherent, who says he knows everything, but doesn’t know anything,” he explained.

Winner of the fire test, Aline Mineiro got the yellow power and handed the red to Marina Ferrari. With it, the influencer indicated three pawns. Gui Araujo, the most voted in the house, had to choose between Dayane Mello, Dynho Alves and Sthe Matos, the third farmer of the week — not from the bay, as usual.

The yellow power gave the opportunity for Aline to immunize two pawns, including herself. Aline chose to save herself and still immunize Solange.

Bil Araújo remained in the remaining one occupied the fourth and last stool in the hot seat. He had the power to veto a farmer’s test of a farmer and opted for Gui Araujo.

Dayane Mello, MC Gui and Bil Araújo faced the farm in a race that required agility, luck and speed. MC Gui did well, escaped from the fields and is the new farmer.

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