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Dayane Mello was not intimidated by the nomination for the farm of A Fazenda 2021 and asked to leave the confinement of Record. This Thursday (25), the model made an outburst in which she shared with her allies the desire to leave the rural reality. “I want to leave, I can’t wait,” she said.

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In a conversation with Dynho Alves, the person reported her dissatisfaction in living with rival Rico Melquiades. “He starts attacking me, he’s stronger than I am. I have an ulcer, a pain in my stomach because I’m so nervous,” she pointed out.

“I’m a mother, I can’t set this example for my daughter. I teach you that you can’t hit your little friends and I’ll stay here chatting? If it’s about the game, ok. If it’s about your personal life, you can attack me. I won’t do it. the same, I’ve done worse. He attacks me, he does it so that I have a reaction, which can make me leave the game if I touch him. He does it on purpose,” he continued.

After the initial outburst, Dayane reinforced: “That’s why I want to leave, I don’t want to stay here. This is doing me a lot of harm. I’m not holding out, I’m not succeeding.” “Are you wanting to leave, woman?” asked Gui Araujo, as he joined the conversation.

“Yes, I can’t wait. I want to leave,” replied the former Big Brother Italy. “Also, but you can only go one,” countered Anitta’s ex-boyfriend, in an allusion to tonight’s farm, which amused the pedestrians. “The worst thing is that you’re not going,” Araujo opined, but Dayane disagreed: “That’s what you think. I wanted to understand why there’s so much hatred against me.”

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