Intimidating messages from Winits make Cynthia Benini return to the country

The LeoDias column discovered, exclusively, that Cynthia Benini and her husband decided to bring their vacation to an end and return to Brazil. Messages sent by the actor André Gonçalves and his wife, Danielle Winits, to Valentina, the actor’s daughter with the journalist, motivated the decision.

The messages started to be sent to Valentina Benini since the court ordered the house arrest of André, who failed to pay child support to his daughter. The decision was revealed on Monday (22/11), also by column LeoDias. The actor’s debt is estimated at more than R$350 thousand.


Cynthia Benini and her husband were in the United States. The two decided to return to Brazil after learning about the messages. In addition to supporting Valentina, the couple plans to consult lawyers and study the appropriate legal measures.

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