“is the blue-eyed father”

Dancer Lorena Improta enchanted by showing her daughter with singer Léo Santana, little Liz

The dancer Lorraine Improta surprised and delighted by showing her daughter’s face with the singer Leo Santana, one month old baby Liz. She showed a beautiful photo of her daughter’s face in which the baby appears with her eyes open.

And netizens were all praise for baby Liz. “Wow, how beautiful! She is the father, but with blue eyes”, commented a netizen. And another internet user even said: “What about this look?! What a beautiful princess!”. A netizen also said: “Congratulations on your daughter! May God bless you so much!”.

Lorraine Improta also answered some questions from internet users. A netizen asked: “Have you returned to the normal rhythm of dances?”. And Lorena said: “I started rehearsing, I felt quite tired, pain in my legs, in my arms, but we’ll see after the recording how I’m going, I hope that’s okay”.

A netizen also asked whether Liz has a birthmark. “Does Liz have a birthmark?” asked the internet user. And Lorena replied: “So, it looks like she has a little mole on her leg, it’s red, at first we thought it was a sting, but it’s been two months now so I think it’s a birthmark”.

Lorraine Improta also talked about his daughter’s nanny. “Do you have a babysitter?” asked a netizen. And Lorena explained: “We have Kate! Take the opportunity and speak for you to understand. Kate worked with my grandparents on her father’s side for six years. She who took care of them. Then my grandfather left and she continued taking care of my grandmother and my grandmother left in February of this year and I said: ‘now you’re going to take care of Liz’. And it’s with us now.”

She also talked about her baby’s sleep routine. “Does Liz sleep all night?” asked a netizen. And Lorena said: “Some nights yes, some nights not, it depends a lot on her day. One night she slept seven hours straight, but it’s not every day my people, that night she was very agitated”.

The famous mom was also asked about changes in the body and told what is her real concern at the moment. “Today I’m more concerned about getting my breath back because I’m going to be Viradouro’s muse and I want to have breath to samba without feeling tired,” she said.

Lorena Improta showing her baby with singer Léo Santana

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