It’s not time to talk about New Year’s Eve and Carnival, says Jean Gorinchteyn

The health secretary of São Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, said today that “this is not the time to talk about New Year’s Eve or Carnival” while more than 50% of young people between 12 and 29 years old in the state have not yet taken the 2nd dose of the vaccine against covid. 19, which reduces the transmission of the disease and the risks of hospitalization and death.

“It’s not the ideal time. We have to understand that, at parties like this, there’s an agglomeration of people who scream, sing, take off their masks and don’t respect the issue related to the control of the pandemic,” Gorinchteyn told reporters.

He added that the decision to release the use of masks in open spaces “is not a sign that the pandemic is over.” The government of São Paulo announced yesterday the release of the mandatory use of masks from December 11th — the protection will remain mandatory in closed places and public transport.

The secretary stated that the government will give support to municipalities that have decided to cancel Carnival events “since we know that the spread of viruses ends up being clearly much greater”.

“This discussion [sobre os eventos] we have to be very cautious and responsible because we still have to move forward in protecting our population with regard to immunization,” Gorinchteyn said. “It is important that the 645 municipalities have this in focus, we have to continue protecting our population.”