José de Abreu recalls spitting in a restaurant after being called a thief

On the air in “Um Lugar ao Sol” (Globo) in the role of businessman Santiago, José de Abreu, 75 years old, has already said goodbye to the recordings of the soap opera and is eyeing future projects, including entering politics. The actor intends to run for federal deputy, but first he will spend some time living in Portugal, according to him, “to have peace, since they don’t respect him on the streets of Brazil.”

in conversation with splash during the launch of his autobiography, José de Abreu explains that he has become used to living in other countries and, for having very declared political positions — he is affiliated with the Workers’ Party (PT) and criticizes the government of Jair Bolsonaro on social media ( without party) — faces “crazy people who want to attack him”.

“We can say that 80% of people respect me on the streets. And that respect has improved, but it’s not nice to pay to see it, right? There are people who don’t respect me and really want to attack me”, he points out.

The actor recalls the episode lived in 2016, when he spat in the face of a couple in a restaurant in São Paulo, according to him, after being called a “thief” and his wife at the time, Priscila Petit, a “slut”.

I’ll carry the spit episode at the restaurant for the rest of my life. This happened six years ago and every day someone comes to talk about it. Where have you seen yourself? There is no way to understand what that couple did.

José de Abreu continues: “I was in a restaurant where the owner and the chef were acquaintances. The person arrives and says that I am a thief, as if my money belonged to the Rouanet Law, that I didn’t have 50 years of career to have money and buy dinner at a Japanese restaurant”.

Asked if he doesn’t fear new attacks when he makes the political campaign official, the artist says that there is no way “things can get worse”:

We’ve already hit rock bottom in hate. Now I just hope I can rebuild the country. I will donate four years of my life to Brazil, it will only be a term. I will not become a ‘professional politician’.

José de Abreu is engaged to makeup artist Carol Junger - ROBERTO FILHO / BRAZIL NEWS - ROBERTO FILHO / BRAZIL NEWS

José de Abreu is engaged to makeup artist Carol Junger


Love affairs outside the book:

In the book “Abreugrafia”, released in two volumes, José de Abreu mentions some love affairs, including what he calls “a night of love with Vera Fischer”. The actor says that he did not ask the actress if she would mind having the intimacy exposed in the book, and he justifies:

This thing with Vera Fischer had been in a newspaper before, so I didn’t see a problem. Besides, I don’t have her phone number. But I called other women and asked. When they told me I couldn’t, I took it out of the book. I took stories with other famous ones, for example.

José de Abreu spoke about losses in social media - Reproduction/Instagram @josedeabreu - Reproduction/Instagram @josedeabreu

José de Abreu spoke about losses on social media

Image: Reproduction/Instagram @josedeabreu

‘Strange to record in the pandemic’

José de Abreu also evaluated the experience of recording “Um Lugar ao Sol” during the covid-19 pandemic. The actor was direct in saying that he didn’t like the experience:

It’s pretty bad recording in the pandemic. You don’t see the team’s reaction. All in black, masks, the same. See no expression. We rehearsed with a mask, with acrylic and sometimes we even made a scene with the mask when the camera was on someone else. I found it too strange.

The actor, who for 40 years was hired by Globo, and ended his exclusivity with the channel in 2020, delivers a possible news: “I received an invitation from a streaming platform. I’m going to have a meeting with them. I think I’ll be soon. on a new project too.”