Jovem says he was wounded by João Gomes’ concert; videos of incidents at the event, which include sex in the audience, go viral

A show by singer João Gomes, known as the piseiro phenomenon, has been making talk on social media. The presentation took place on the 13th, in the city of Mossoró, in Rio Grande do Norte. Images attributed to the event give an account of some incidents that occurred there. One of them, for example, was a young woman who said she was hit by the fireworks show coming from the stage.

On the web, she, identified as Ana Beatriz, showed at least two of her fingers with burns when she received care. On record, she even claims that a friend had belongings stolen and that this was the worst show of her life.

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The incidents at the event did not stop there. It also went viral at a time when a couple in the audience make moves that suggest they are having sex there. The man lifts his pants after his partner leaves his lap.

In another, a young woman who was on a plastic table tumbles onto it, which breaks. The girl, however, seems not to have been seriously injured as he immediately gets up.

In addition to João, the event also featured presentations by Tarcísio do Acordeon and Vitor Fernandes. Internet users echoed the images of the event: “I need therapy after seeing the videos of João Gomes’ concert”, commented one of them. “The João Gomes show was basically an apocalyptic experience,” wrote another.

EXTRA sought out João Gomes’ team, but still didn’t get an answer.

Young man falls on table at event
Young man falls on table at event Photo: Reproduction
Couple make moves that suggest sex in the audience
Couple make movements that suggest sex in the audience Photo: Reproduction
João Gomes, at age 19, the new king of the pisseiro
João Gomes, at age 19, the new king of the piseiro Photo: gallery photos: dissemination and reproduction/ instagram
Singer João Gomes
Singer João Gomes Photo: Reproduction – Instagram