Jurist José Paulo Cavalcanti Filho is elected to seat 39 of the ABL

Jurist and writer, José Paulo Cavalcanti Filho was elected this Thursday (25) to seat 39 at the Brazilian Academy of Letters, which belonged to former vice president of the Republic Marco Maciel. Graduated from the Recife Faculty of Law, the 73-year-old lawyer has books published in 12 countries, including “Fernando Pessoa — An almost autobiography” (2011). One of the greatest Brazilian authorities on the work of the Portuguese, Cavalcanti is also the greatest collector of the poet’s personal effects.

— I see this election as a tribute to Pernambuco. I joke that it’s a chair almost predestined for Pernambuco people. Its first occupant was Oliveira Lima and the last was my dear friend, the late Marco Maciel — says Cavalcanti, who was acting Justice minister in the José Sarney government.

The Pernambuco native was elected today to seat 39, which belonged to Marco Maciel. Cavalcanti, who received 21 votes from 34 immortals who participated in the election, competed with José Paulo Cavalcanti, Ricardo Cavaliere, Godofredo de Oliveira Neto, Luiz Coronel, Camilo Martins and Leandro Gouveia.

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Cavalcanti is the fourth name chosen in recent weeks to replace academics who died during the pendemic period. Last week, neurosurgeon Paulo Niemeyer Filho was elected to chair 12 at the Academia Brasileira de Letras, previously occupied by professor and literary critic Alfredo Bosi (1936-2021). On November 4, actress Fernanda Montenegro was elected to seat 17 (replacing Affonso Arinos de Mello Franco); on the 11th, it was the turn of the singer and composer Gilberto Gil, who now occupies chair 20 (succeeding Murilo Melo Filho).

Chair 2 still remains, which was occupied by Tarcisio Padilha, and whose new owner will be revealed on December 16th. Ten applicants are competing for the vacancy: Sérgio Bermudes, Gabriel Chalita, Eduardo Giannetti da Fonseca, Sâmia Macedo, Antônio Hélio da Silva, José Humberto da Silva, Eloi Angelos Ghio D’Aracosia, Jeff Thomas, José William Vavruk and Joana Rodrigues Alexandre Figueiredo.