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This Thursday night (25), the Brazilian team took to the field and thrashed India by scoring 6-1 at Arena da Amazônia. With goals from Debinha, Gio Queiroz, Kerolin, Geyse and Ary Borges (twice), the highlight of the night was the farewell of midfielder Formiga from the Brazilian team, after 26 years defending the colors of our flag.

Despite the busy start, with Debinha opening the scoreboard even before the clock completed its first lap, the first 45 minutes of the match showed a confused and very disorganized Brazil and, contrary to expectations, the Brazilian team, which failed to impose an elastic scoreboard in the first time. Shortly after opening the scoring, at eight minutes, a fault on the right side of the Brazilian defensive sector would still lead the Indians to tie the game, with a well-placed shot at the edge of the area and a completely free hit.

In the 33rd minute, Duda even hit the net, but an offside signal incorrectly kept the score level until the 38th minute, when Gio Queiroz took advantage of the surplus and made it 2-1 in favor of Brazil. The score remained until the end of the first stage.

The rhythm that was lacking in the first half showed up right at the beginning of the complementary stage of the match, when Ary Borges scored the third Brazilian goal in the game. With Ary, Bruninha and Geyse on the field, the dynamics of the match became more fluid, and in a short time Brazil managed not only to meet, but also to find the path to the goal. Our team also scored three other goals, with Kerolin, Geyse and Ary Borges again, closing the scoreboard at 6-1.

Formiga, the big star of the party, received honors at the beginning and also at the end of the game, but he had just over ten minutes to work on the field, with the ball rolling.

The Brazilian team returns to the field for the next match of the Manaus International Tournament, next Sunday (28), at 21:00 (GMT), against Venezuela. The match will be played at Arena da Amazônia and will be broadcast by SportTV.

Check out the live broadcast of Esporte News Mundo to Brazil x India, a duel valid for the debut of the International Women’s Football Tournament.

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