MC Melody responds to Anitta’s career comments: “My name will be bigger than yours”

MC Melody went to social media to respond to comments made by Anitta about her, while participating in “PodCats”. On Tuesday (23), the funkeira praised the “teen” artist, but revealed some disagreements between the two in the past.

At first, Anitta praised Melody. “I think Melody is the next Brazilian icon. It’s just a little more guidance,” he said.

However, the mood of the interview changed after the star was asked if he would agree to manage the young woman. “She already said that she doesn’t want to be managed by me, because she’s bigger than me and that’s fine. I’m not queen of the universe, other people can make her the icon of Brazil.”

Anitta thinks Melody should invest in singing well, professionally and stay away from fake news, comedies and things like that. “It won’t be taken seriously,” he added.

The artist from Rio even explained why the business partnership between the two did not work out. Anitta would agree to manage Melody, but only when she turns 18 (she is currently 14).

“I really think at that age, what I would have done was to focus on your studies so that you could improve in various things. For me, music is not just about causing, sealing, viralizing and making money. For me, you have the power to to change the way society thinks, to influence politics, to encourage their fans to set a good example. But for that, you have to study, you have to dedicate yourself to having knowledge”, he commented.

melody answers

The young artist contested Anitta’s positions on “PodCats” and went to social media to tell her version. “I never said I’m bigger than you, I said I’ll be bigger than you one day. About you managing me, I always said I’d love it, but if it were now, because in four years… I don’t know, but I believe my name will already be bigger than yours”.

But Melody did not stop there and still responded to the singer. “About inventing fake news, I learned from you, seeing your releases. I appreciate the compliments and respect your opinion. In the rest, even the part that snubs me, I don’t care, because deep down I know you’re also my fan, just like me I’m yours. I love you.”

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