Minister of Justice defends that ‘vaccine passport’ is not required for tourists as requested by Anvisa | Health

The Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, said on Thursday (25) that the ministry he heads is against the requirement of what has become known as the “vaccine passport”, proof of immunization so that tourists can enter Brazil .

  • Anvisa recommends requiring vaccination for Covid for travelers to enter Brazil
  • Requirement of health declaration goes back into effect this Friday, says Anvisa

Currently, Brazil does not require vaccination – whether for entry by land or air. The recommendation for mandatory vaccination was made by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa): on November 12, the agency sent technical notes to the government justifying the requirement, but no action was taken to change the rule.

“No. No need. (Vaccination) does not prevent the transmission of the disease,” said Anderson Torres after being asked if the government will require vaccination to enter Brazil.

Despite the minister’s assertion, recent studies indicate that yes, vaccines also have action against transmission, although in fact they were developed with the primary objective of preventing serious cases and deaths (see Jornal Nacional report on the subject).

  • AstraZeneca and Pfizer Vaccines Reduce Coronavirus Transmission, Says British Study

A dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca already cuts transmission in half, study indicates

A dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca already cuts transmission in half, study indicates

Who decides the rules for tourists?

According to a statement issued by the government itself, Anderson Torres is one of the ministers responsible for deciding how the rules on the subject will be. After the disclosure of Anvisa’s position this morning, the Civil House informed that, despite the agency’s recommendation, ordinance 658, of October 5, 2021, which provides for exceptional and temporary measures for entry into the country, remains in force.

“Possible changes in the ordinance are under analysis with the participation of all bodies involved in the matter (Casa Civil, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Anvisa)”, informed the Civil House .

Anderson Torres was also asked if the position against the demand for the “vaccine passport” belongs to President Jair Bolsonaro. “It is a position of the Minister of Justice,” said Torres, adding that nothing has yet been decided on Anvisa’s recommendation. “This is a government position, so I’m talking about my ministry,” said the Minister of Justice.

Health secretaries support Anvisa

After the publication of Anvisa, the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass) and the National Council of Municipal Health Secretaries (Conasems) released a note reinforcing and supporting the measure.

“These Councils expect the Federal Government to be sensitive to the technical guidelines of the regulatory agency and to establish the necessary measures as soon as possible”, stated Conass and Conasems.

Anvisa advises the government to require vaccination for the entry of travelers;  understand

Anvisa advises the government to demand vaccination for the entry of travelers; understand

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