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Lary Bottino shows test results after testing positive for Covid-19

Lary Bottino shows test results after testing positive for Covid-19

Lary Bottino has already gone public with new test results for Covid-19, all negative, after the column exclusively reveals that she tested positive last night (25) and went to the club soon after. But it seems that she did not read properly what is contained in one of the reports: “The non-reactive result does not exclude the possibility of active infection”.

In other words, as much as the new tests done this Thursday morning (25) have been negative, they do not exclude that she may be infected by Covid-19.

What needs to be brought into question here, and which perhaps Lary has not understood until now, is the degree of irresponsibility of his actions. As much as I had a supposed false negative in hand, the protocol is to stay at home until you do the retests.

She posted a sequel to Stories on Instagram earlier this afternoon, apologizing for her irresponsibility and trying to justify the unjustifiable.

He said that he has tested himself frequently, that his work schedule is full and that he has the property to talk about Covid-19 because his grandmother died of the disease. That, Larissa Bottino, gives you no alibi for absolutely nothing. In fact, it was a huge mistake to have exposed your friends to the risk of contagion without even notifying them of what had happened to you minutes before going to the club.

His act was one of the biggest irresponsibles on record in recent times. And take advantage of your free time to read the new exam reports in full. There, in front of your eyes, the information that the possibility that you have the active infection is not ruled out.

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